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Nixon Consultants is a multi-disciplined practise operating in a variety of sectors within the construction industry.

INDUSTRY: Construction

Nixon Consultants HR Coaching

Based in Glasgow & Manchester, but operating nationally, Nixon’s core competencies include Quantity Surveying; Project Management, Principal Designer of CDM and Project Monitoring.

Due to Nixon’s success in the building construction management and cost consultant services – They are expanding.

They are now providing additional comprehensive design services via a new in-house technical team; Architectural, structural and civil engineering design. This means that not only are they growing as a team, but they are also growing with regards to the scope of work that they undertake.

Nixon’s expertise lies in the total management of a project. Their core business involves all elements of project lifecycles including feasibility studies, capital justifications and detailed design right through to full turnkey project completion. Since 2009, Nixon has built a reputation for reliability & honesty, successfully delivering a wide portfolio of projects for an increasingly loyal client base.

Nixon’s Richard McFadzean, Managing Director and Dominic MacConnell, Director tell us about their own Leadership Journey with STEP’s leadership training programme.

We have been growing quickly over the past 8 years and gone from strength to strength, the leadership programme came about an opportune moment for us as it was necessary that we, the directors of the business, took some time to take stock of our people processes and our people strategy to streamline our approach to develop and grow our team as well as the business. We weren’t really sure what to expect from the course but were open to the views of other business leaders to see if there were methods and strategies that we could adapt to our own management practices. I took away a different way of thinking about how I structure my own time and how I use my ‘to-do’ lists. I have been doing them for years and they didn’t work for me, so I needed to change it into a structure that did work for me which may seem simple but it so hard to do. Sometimes, it’s the small and seemingly inconsequential things that can make the biggest difference. I also took away some really good facilitation techniques that I am now using within my own team
Richard Nixon Consultants
Richard McFadzean
Managing Director, Nixon Consultants
The facilitators were knowledgeable and brought an interesting dynamic to a group of different characters who were all from different industries and even sectors. It was reassuring to see that regardless of where you are in your business and what issues you are facing, we all face the same headaches from time to time. This leadership programme was not about lecturing us or even giving specific answers to what leadership is about, instead, it focused on creating debate and offering different perspectives, whether you agreed or not was irrelevant because the conversations forced you to consider where other people (who are different from yourself) are coming from. Further, it was rewarding to be able to support other business owners/leaders who were struggling with issues that we have faced in the past as well. It just goes to show the importance of taking some time out to reflect and talk to peers outside your usual network or group. The 1-2-1 coaching support was also invaluable and a big part of why the programme works. Pamela and Caroline (we had different coaches) were fantastic and brought a different dimension to the programme that made it personal and relevant to us as a business but also to us as individuals. The most surprising element of the course was the amount of self-reflection that occurred through trying out various methods and techniques in-between the sessions and then looking at why certain things worked and why certain things didn’t. The space in between the workshop and coaching sessions really made you focus on changing the things you wanted to change. It gave me the opportunity to think about our people processes and the time and space to make sure they are fit for purpose and also to put some things into practice, which in hindsight, was quite fundamental to a growing business.
Dominic Macconnell Nixon Consultants
Dominic MacConnell
Director, Nixon Consultants

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