Leadership Development Programme

Understand yourself as a leader and develop your personal leadership skills on our Leadership Development Programme.

The programme is a live six-week virtual course delivered using a variety of stimulating, engaging and interactive learning methods to give you the insights, tools and techniques to help take your leadership skills to the next level.

Key benefits: By the end of the programme, participants will

  • Understand the fundamentals of driving performance.
  • Be clear about their own leadership style, and how to make the most of it.
  • Learn about your unique leadership strengths and how to leverage them through a personalised Insights Discovery Profile.
  • Be able to manage tasks effectively by prioritising, delegating and setting goals for team members.
  • Be able to give and receive performance-based feedback to improve results.
  • Know how to get the best from the diverse personalities and styles in their team.
  • Regard conflict as a positive aspect of teamwork and be able to resolve conflict to get a better result.

Duration: Six Weeks (One session a week)

Location: Virtual

Upcoming Courses:

Autumn Cohort 2022
Week 1 – Thurs 27 October 2022, 9am – 11am
Leading Self Part 1 – Personal Accountability

Week 2 – Thurs 3 November 2022, 9am – 11am
Leading Self Part 2 – Your Leadership Style

Week 3 – Thurs 10 November 2022, 9am – 11am
Leading Others Part 1 – Managing Tasks in a Team Environment

Week 4 – Thurs 17 November 2022, 9am – 11am
Leading Others Part 2 – Feedback for performance

Week 5 – Thurs 24 November 2022, 9am – 11am
Leading a Broader Context Part 1 – Influencing Others Effectively

Week 6 – Thurs 1 December 2022, 9am – 11am
Leading in a Broader Context Part 2 – Managing Conflict

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Course Overview

Week 1: Leading Self Part 1–Personal Accountability

  • Introduction to the programme.
  • The particular challenges of leading others.
  • The role of a leader in managing performance.
  • Essential foundations for the performance of self and others (Cause and Effect Model; the connection between our brain and effective behaviours)
  • How to keep yourself in the optimal zone for leading others
  • What to do when you or others are not in the optimal zone.
  • Post module assignment:
    – Practicing using the Cause and Effect Model with self and others at work.

Week 2: Leading Self Part 2–Your Leadership Style

  • Introduction to the core model of personal style (the Insights Personality Profile).
  • Your Insights report and what it means.
  • How your profile impacts your:
    Leadership style –leveraging your strengths and mitigating your weaknesses
    Communication with others
    Conflict triggers
  • How to maximise your effectiveness when working with others who have different profiles.
  • Post module assignments:
    – Identify the profiles of your team members. 
    – Think about the current performance levels of your team members in preparation for week 3.

Week 3: Leading Others Part 1 -Managing Tasks in a Team Environment

  • Review of progress from week 2.
  • Adapting your leadership style to suit the confidence and competence of your team members (Situational Leadership).
  • How to set expectations depending on the level using the Expectation Settingmodel.
  • Setting delegate and set goals to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • Diagnosing the root cause of a performance issue
  • Post module assignments:
    – Use the Expectation Setting model to hold a delegation discussion with a team member.
    – Use the Expectation Setting model to assesshow well a team member is performing on a particular task.

Week 4: Leading Others Part 2 - Feedback for performance

  • Review of learning from the previous week.
  • Experience of receiving feedback – what made it effective?
  • Challenges of giving feedback.
  • Four-step Feedback Model for giving feedback.
  • Link to the core model of personal style.
  • Applying the Feedback Model to a real piece of feedback
  • Receiving feedback -exploring feedback to improve one’s own performance.
  • Post module assignments:
    – Give a piece of feedback.
    – Think about who you need to influence to be successful.
    – Identify your current challenges when influencing.

Week 5: Leading a Broader Context Part 1 – Influencing Others Effectively

  • Review of learning from the previous week.
  • The fundamentals of Influencing – what causes us to fail or succeed when influencing?
  • The 4 Influencing Styles and the pros and cons of each.
  • When to use each one for maximum effectiveness.
  • Your preferred influencing style and how it impacts your success currently.
  • How to handle objections when influencing.
  • Post module assignments:
    – Practiceusing a different influencing style from your default.
    – Identify current areas of conflict in your role.

Week 6: Leading in a Broader Context Part 2 – Managing Conflict

  • Review of learning from the previous week.
  • What is conflict? Why is it potentially positive?
  • Typical sources of conflict in your environment.
  • Conflict and the Insightsmodel – how different styles show up in conflict.
  • The Four-Step Process for resolving “unresolvable” conflicts.
  • Applying the process to a real conflict.
  • Post module assignments:
    – Monitor the style you use in conflict and practice flexing.
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Leadership and Development Programme Trainer


For over 20 years, Megan has designed and facilitated solutions to enhance individual, team and organisational performance in both traditional and virtual formats in a broad range of industries. She has worked with diverse teams and cultures in over 25 countries addressing the many challenges of leadership, cross-cultural team-working and changes in working practices, including increasing the effectiveness of remote and virtual teams. She is also particularly skilled at navigating the complexities and conflicts that can exist in these environments and providing clarity and practical solutions to resolve them. Her honest, direct and practical style has consistently proved very effective in facilitating positive long-term change.

Professional Credentials


  • Leadership Development – including virtual programme design and facilitation.

  • Virtual learning design and facilitation – Zoom, Teams, Adobe Connect, Webex, ProtoSphere

  • Developing communication skills – engagement, influencing, managing conflict.

  • Accreditation of virtual facilitators – developing skills to transition to virtual facilitation.

  • Conversion of face to face development programmes to live virtual format.

  • Developing virtual leadership competency.

  • Executive Coaching – senior executives in large, medium and small organisations.

  • Team effectiveness – workshops, strategy, alignment

  • Developing emotional intelligence.

  • Developing Cultural Fluency – cross cultural and matrix teamworking.

  • Conflict resolution.

Professional Qualifications

  • BA (Hons) Organisational Psychology

  • Accredited in Human Systems Dynamics

  • Licensed Insights Practitioner

  • Master Practitioner and Certified Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

  • Professional Member of Association for NLP

  • Accredited in SDI (Strengths Deployment Inventory)

  • Executive Coaching Diploma CCI

  • Accredited in Heartstyles, Firo-B and Emotional Intelligence Quotient – EQ-I 2.0

Experience & Memberships

  • Experience & Member of Leadership Development Faculties.

  • Principal Consultant and owner at Isongo Ltd. (

  • Principle Consultant at Designed for Success (

  • Associate Consultant at Taylor Clarke (

  • Member of Global Leadership Development Faculty at BP (

  • Member of Global Leadership Development Faculty at Reliance Industries (

  • Member of Global Leadership Development Faculty at Philip Morris International (

  • Member of Global Leadership Development Faculty at Smiths Engineering

  • Member of Global Leadership Development Faculty at TRC (

  • Associate Principle Consultant at TMA World (

  • Leadership Development coach at In Touch Networks (